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The hint +Hue girls

You’re gonna love it at Hint + Hue!
Our beautiful quaint salon is located right on down town Cedar Falls main street.

When you pull up to Hint + Hue you'll see there is street parking directly in front of the salon on the parkade. This is 2 hour parking so if you are going to stay longer than 2 hours you can pay for parking at the pay station or download the free park smarter mobile app.

There is also a limited space free parking lot in the back of the salon. to get to back parking spaces driver around the block and turn right directly after Whisky road. That will take you to our privet parking spots with our name on the signs.
Hint + Hue is a home for independent hairstylists. What does that mean? You can look forward to an elevated experience & expert knowledge on the latest trends. The Hint + Hue team is encouraged to scale their business with continued education, great customer service, and a consistent and positive culture.

During your first visit, we will discuss your lifestyle, budget, and ultimate hair goals to diagnose the perfect hair experience for you.

Each experience also includes a personal styling lesson where we will discuss the tools, products, and techniques used to achieve my signature looks. I’ll also give you at-home maintenance recommendations with products samples to try.

We can't wait to pamper you!

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